My hopes and aspirations are to become a technology engineer as my job and also do other things.

I want to attend Harvard or Stanford University, and get a Bachelor's degree and become a teacher.

I want to major in forensics and become a behavior analyst for the Behavioral Analysis Unit in the FBI.

I want to to get to an elite level, and get really strong...

I want to to be a professional sports player.

I hope to be a biologist when I grow up because I love plants and animals and I’m always curious about how things are.

I would like to become a police officer, then aiming higher, to be a detective.

I want to be Pharmacist and get a full scholarship to Hampton University.

I want to to go to Mars and see space.

I hope to become a lawyer someday and fight for justice.

I hope I get to do what I am looking for, like own my own shop or be a doctor.

I hope to graduate high school with A/B honors. I plan to go to college at Hampton University.