I want to be a doctor.  In fact, I would like to be an anesthesiologist.

I want to be a cardiologist one day.

I hope I could be a baker or an archaeologist or a person who does chemistry.

I hope one day to become a lawyer and open my own restaurant or become a statistician.

My hopes and aspirations are to be a teacher.

I want to be a pediatrician. It may take a while but I really want to accomplish this task.

I would like to be in the medical field, which one I don’t know yet.

To attend UVA and get a PhD in biology. Then specialize in marine biology and study sea turtles.

One day I want to work with animals/reptiles/birds as my job.

I hope I become a veterinarian, and get accepted into NC State.

I hope to go into medical law or criminal law, so I can apply different types of sciences to my career.

I hope to be an actress when I get older, and if that doesn’t work out, then I am going to go into the field of Cyber Security.