More Invertebrates


Clam Dissection - Clam Anatomy

Shape of LIfe:  Molluscs (page B, paragraphs 2-4)

Characteristics of Mollusks (page B, paragraphs 2-4)

Examples of Mollusks (page B, paragraphs 2-4)

Snail (Gastropoda) (page C, paragraphs 1-2)

Bivalve - Cockle Flipping with Its Foot (page C, paragraphs 3-4)

Shapeshifting Octopus (page C, paragraph 5)

Amazing Nautilus Swimming Underwater (page D, paragraph 1)

Cephalopods (page D, paragraphs 1-2)

What is an Arthropod? (page D, paragraphs 3-5)

Marine Arthropods (page E, paragraph 3-4)

Crustaceans (page E, paragraph 3)

Arachnids:  the different kinds (page E, paragraph 5)

Complete vs. Incomplete Metamorphosis (page F)


Clam Dissection